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Abdul Latif Khan


Thirty years of experiences in administration, management, development projects, disaster management and response, Particularly in Project Planning and Management, Networking, Emergency Operation Management, Finance, Administration and Training. I am one of the founders of Disaster Forum a network of the NGOs working with disaster management. While I was the head of the disaster management program with CARE Bangladesh, I established NIRAPAD a network of local NGO’s working in the field of disaster management. NIRAPAD is a Bangla word that means safe however, the NIRAPAD means Network for Information, Response and Preparedness Activities in Disaster. Founder Member of Disaster Forum a network of NGO’s working in the field of disaster management in Bangladesh. Member of Durjog Nivaran a network of Disaster Management activates and NGO’s working in South Asia.
25 years of working experience with the Ministry of Disaster Management, Disaster Management Bureau and Department of Disaster Management. I was one of the initiator for establishment of Disaster Management Bureau. During 30 years of working experience with the government of Bangladesh, I support in policy, advocacy, capacity building and networking on disaster management. During working with Department of Disaster Management I support DDP in developing DPP with the feasibility studies.
Currently working as Technical Advisor of NAHAB. Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) is the secretariat for NAHAB. National Alliance of Humanitarian Actors in Bangladesh (NAHAB) is a spinoff from the Shifting the Power project implemented by Christian Aid. On 26 January 2017 around 45 Local and National NGOS in Bangladesh and decided to established a platform called “National Alliance of Humanitarian Actors, Bangladesh (NAHAB)”. This commitment and working together comes from the “Shifting the Power” project implemented by Christian Aid in Bangladesh with the Local and National NGOs. The Government of Bangladesh (Department of Disaster Management) officially acknowledges NAHAB as a national platform of the Humanitarian Actors. The NGOs come together to establish NAHAB as an alliance is to encourage and support national/local non-governmental, national humanitarian organizations, partners and other relevant actors to uphold their voice, representation and commitment to invest for faster, needful and effective humanitarian actions in Bangladesh. As of today NAHAB have 50 members and number of application for membership is under review.

During the long professional period I was involved in different research both in qualitative and quantitative method. I have the following publications:
Consultant for development of the Standing Order on Disaster (SoD) 1996-97
Consultant for development of Disaster management Act 1998
Consultant for development of Comprehensive Disaster Management policy and Program, Bangladesh 1998
Baseline Survey Report on Disaster Management Project, CARE-Bangladesh, September 2000
Rapid Livelihood Security Assessment on Bangladesh South West Flood 2000, December 2000
Post Flood Needs Assessment Report on Bangladesh S-W Flood 2000, November 2000
Municipality Disaster Management Committee Training Module, September 2000
Baseline Survey Report on Bangladesh Urban Disaster Management Project, CAREBangladesh, February 2001
Consultant for development of the revision of Standing Order on Disaster (SoD) 2008- 09
Development of Emergency Response plan
Community based disaster management, Volume 2 by Indira Gandhi, Open University, India
Evaluation of DipECHO Action Aid Programme in Cambodia
Standardization of response items, UNDP Bangladesh
Review the DRR policy for Ministry of Women and Child Affairs
Impact of Water Logging on Women, Children, Elderly, and People with Disabilities in the Water Logged area in Southern Bangladesh
“Scaling up Inclusive Resilience Amongst Water Logged Communities in South Western Bangladesh”
Viable livelihood option for Street/Slum children and youth
Feasibility study and development of DPP for Promoting Resilience of Vulnerable Through Access to Infrastructure, Improved Skills and Information (PROVATi3) Project
Feasibility study of construction of Upazila Disaster Management Information Center – Relief Godown.
Feasibility study of construction of District Disaster Management Information Center – Relief Godown.
Feasibility study of construction of Construction of Herring Bone Bond (HBB) Road for Sustainable Rural Earthen Road” (2nd Phase).
Feasibility study of construction of Flood Shelter.
Situation Analysis of Joint Emergency Operations Centres, in Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh, with European Commission
Develop Training Materials and Provide Training on Resilient Livelihoods Practices in Ukhiya and Teknaf Unions, Cox’s Bazar District, with Concern and IOM
Evaluation of “Emergency Response Programme for Forcibly Displaced People from the Rakhain State of Myanmar (Emergency Appeal 32/2017) with CARITAS
Feasibility Study of Landslide Risk Management Project for MoDMR

In my career with disaster management, I was fully engaged in developing training module and providing training. I was one of the members of developing the “Community Based Disaster Management” training module by Asian Disaster Management Center, Thailand. I also developed the disaster management-training module for CARE Bangladesh Disaster Management program staff and as well as CARE partner organization in the disaster management program. During my career with CDMP and recently as a Technicak Advisor of NAHAB, I lead the team and works as a member of the team to design and deliver the training on disaster risk management for the Government of Bangladesh staff. The entire training module included discussion, simulation and practices. One of my agenda for NAHAB is building local capacity for ensuring localization.


30+ Years

Project Covered

500+ Projects



Country Experience


Angola, Namibia, South Africa
Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan,Philippines, Thailand

International Experiencet

July 1986 to September 1986| Camp in Charge in Somalia with CARE International

International Experiencet

January 1988 to March 1988|Flood Response in Angola with CARE International

International Experiencet

December 1990 to February 19918|Response Manger in Soviet Union with CARE International

International Experiencet

2002 to 2003 |Project Manager Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Thailand

International Experiencet

2003 to 2004 |South Asia Programe Officer with European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO)

International Experiencet

2006 to 2010 |Regional Humanitarian Programme Officer for East Asia with Oxfam America

In Country Disaster Management Contact

2017 - Continue | United State Forest Service (USFS).

Adjunct Faculty

2016 | Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies (IDMVS), University of Dhaka

Damage and Need Assessment Specialist

2015-2016 |Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Government of Bangladesh (World Bank Project)

Consultant (Training)

: From April;2009 to June’ 2009 | Char Livelihood Program (CLP, A DFID Project )

Regional Humanitarian Response Programme Officer

2010-14 |Oxfam America, East Asia Regional Office

National Consultant: Preparedness and Training

2004-06|Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme, UNDP Develop training manual on Disaster Risk Management and also provide training to government and NGO staff.

Programme Officer(South Asia)

2003-04|European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (South Asia)

Project Manager

2002-03|Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Climate Forecasting Application in Bangladesh and Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Programme

Training Resource Person

From: 2000 – 2004|ESTEEM (A DFID PROJECT)

Project Coordinator

1997-2001| CARE International/Bangladesh, Disaster Management Project (DMP)

Sub-Office Administrator

1993-97|CARE International/Bangladesh, Disaster Management Project (DMP) Monitoring and providing support to all the project implemented under the sub office especially the disaster management project.

Assistant Project Coordinator

1989-93|CARE International/Bangladesh, Local Initiative for Farmers Training (LIFT) Lead the home garden agriculture project with the farmer. Programme and Financial reporting to donor and CARE HQ.

Project Development Officerr

1986-89|CARE International/Bangladesh, Local Initiative for Farmers Training (LIFT) Working closely with the farmer and local Agriculture officers to support developing the home garden project for the livelihood of the poor people.

Liaison Officer

1985-86|CARE International/Bangladesh, Local Initiative for Farmers Training (LIFT) Working closely with the government for the approval of the project.



1979 | Management

Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Bachelors (Hons)

1978 | Management

Dhaka University, Bangladesh